What Positive Legacy are You Leaving Behind?

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“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk

We never know how much we are affected by a person or the people in our lives till they are gone.

Having lost many loved ones, I have come to an understanding…that what they have left behind is almost always remembered fondly. We remember people or rather prefer to remember people by the good they did when they were in our lives..right?!


Accentuating Positives and coming from Love

Now, I am not saying everyone is perfect. I am far from being perfect either. I have my negatives and I have my positives. But what I choose to accentuate and make my life’s story is what I will be remembered by. That in turn will be my legacy.

All those who know me, know I am always very chipper and upbeat. But what I myself didn’t know, that when I added love to that upbeat chipper me, the combination was almost magical. Over the years I have realized that living with love and becoming love were imperative to my own healing as well as others. So all my interactions with the world or myself are always always steeped in love very consciously. Now though its become part of my nature.
Like very recently, my hubby had given one of his suits to the laundry for dry cleaning. Ok not so recently….almost two months back. Now in laundry terms, if you ain’t going to pick it up within the week or ten days it can get lost in oblivion. Add a very grumpy old man who sits at the counter of the laundry to that mix PLUS a hubby who forgot about his suit being at the laundry for two whole months = Suit Vanished never to be found!……

BUT wait wait….

that is NOT what happened.

That’s what I expected to happen.

Hubby went and tried to get his suit from this laundry. My mom who is a sweet soul tried. My brother who is also the good guy tried. All in vain. Finally after much ado, they asked me to go try one last time. I went there, greeted the grumpy old man. Asked him about his day. Asked him if by some miracle he could look for hubby’s suit one last time. He smiled(Surprise! cause he NEVER smiles) and said, “I’ll try one last time, only because you asked so sweetly.”….and then he vanishes to the back of his store. Within 8 minutes, he came back with a bag and asked me to identify if I recognized the suit. It was there!!! He took it out. Told me to come back in a little while to pick it up while he spruced it up again. And when I went back to pick it up, he didn’t take a penny for it. I insisted he take his fee for taking care of the suit for so long…to which he responded, “Your smile and kindness is enough payment for now. Pray for me.” he said with tears in his eyes.

In the early days of starting this blog, I had asked myself these very question.

“What Positive Legacy am I leaving behind?” , “What am I going to be remembered by?”

The answer came to me almost instantly…..  

I want to be remembered as a person who shed light & made a positive impact on the lives of others. I want to be good and loving. I want to make people good and loving by example.

I have come to realize that my purpose in life is what I am leaving behind. This purpose makes me think the way I think, do the way I do and live the way I live.

I eat, breath, live positivity, goodness and love.

Your Legacy is Within

Each of us has that special unique ability inside us that in time becomes our purpose of being on this Divine Earth. Honing that purpose inturn leads to us leaving behind a marvelously positive legacy.

My question to you today is : “What Positive Legacy are You Leaving Behind?”

Think about it. Leaving your positive mark is what will make you truly immortal.

Your thoughts are precious: Have you ever thought of leaving behind a Positive Legacy? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Lets positively encourage each other.

SOURCE : https://positiveprovocations.com/2016/08/23/what-positive-legacy-are-you-leaving-behind-2/#more-12245

Author : Zeenat Merchant- Founder Positive Provocations.

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