The Bonafide Leadership(Amman,Jordan)-3days-2017

Event Description

BONAFIDE LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP is the first step to maximize and achieve your potential as a leader. The 3 day program is intensive and helps you explore your role as a Leader. The workshop combines proven-in-action techniques and insights from the latest research & case studies to help you master the competencies of effective leadership.

The workshop will give you an understanding of what makes bonafide leadership and how to shape organizational excellence and how to gain personal mastery of your own leadership.

Program Design 

Day 1

  • An clear understanding of your organizations goals and objectives both short term and long term
  • An understanding of how to formulate goals both for your unit and its employees
  • An understanding of employee motivation

Day 2

  • The use of empowerment techniques
  • Managing your role to maximize work-life balance
  • An understanding of current thinking about how to manage and lead a 21st century organization
  • Ability to think and act outside your comfort zone

Day 3

  • Ability to think and act outside your comfort zone
  • Develop characteristics that are present in exceptional leaders
  • An ability to manage upwards to ensure that you can implement your strategies and plans
  • Good communication  skills

Built Process

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