Leadership & Strategy In Challenging Times (KSA)-3days

Event Description

This workshop focuses on what happens to human energy during times of change. To capture the discretionary energy of the workforce, leaders must understand how motivation and focus can be lost and what they and their teams can do to regain effectiveness and commitment. Hand in hand with the leadership requirements during these times it also requires innovative or revised strategies, firstly to ensure survival of the organization and secondly to ensure the organization is well positioned for when times improve.Yes, there’s a lot of vulnerability when it comes to leading during difficult times; but in that vulnerability there is also a lot of growth. Your company can come out the other side of the challenge stronger and smarter than ever before


This workshop is a powerful organizational development program that will help your leaders understand their role in implementing business strategy, execute strategy during times of change, take charge of the change process and re-focus people’s energy to move positively through change


This course is designed for anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of how the application of flexible leadership and strategy can play a vital role when an organization is facing challenging times.

Participant Profiles:
• Head of Department
• Directors
• VPs
• General Managers
• Business Owners


Day 1

  • Leadership in Challenging times
  • Strategic Plan Assessment

Day 2

  • Challenging Times
  • Creating new Markets
  • Create Strategy
  • Align with internal initiatives
  • Competency Enhancement

Day 3

  • Champion the Change
  • Culture Alignment
  • Action Planning


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