Essentials Skills for Emerging Leaders (KSA)-3days

Event Description

Essentials Skills for Emerging Leaders programme is about exploring and mastering those skills that will comfortably take you to the next level of competence — from professional to leader. It begins with a robust  review of the core skills of managing people such as goal setting, delegating, and all the subsequent follow up, control and review processes that keep individual team members on track. It then gives participants an insight into what drives individual behavior ; it helps participants to pinpoint the cultural style of their organization and understand the inherent strengths and weaknesses of that culture. The programme then examines team dynamics in the context of the culture and looks at functional and dysfunctional behavior and how dysfunctional behavior can be reshaped. It also highlights how easy it is for the  leader to unwittingly set people up for failure and how this can be avoided. The whole complex area of motivation, reward and getting the best from the team is explored in detail. Some of the motivational ideas explored are counter-intuitive.

Having completed the program the Attendees will learn:
• How to choose a supervisory style
• How to communicate effectively and the importance of effective communication and overcoming communication barriers
• How to manage your time
• How to delegate assignments and tips for delegating effectively
• How to achieve goals and improve quality
• How to select train and evaluate team members
• How to develop team member potential and satisfaction
• How to manage conflict between team members
• How to approach and resolve problems


• Those who have some experience at supervisor / professional level and are  ready to take on a wider role
• Those who want to make the transition from competent professional to inspirational leader
• Those who need a deeper understanding of what drives individual behavior and group dynamics
• Those who need to hone their influencing skills to get results that matter
• Those about to embark on leading a change programme within their organization


Day 1

  • Understanding People
  • Organizational culture

Day 2

  • Leadership that inspires
  • Coach and mentor your staff
  • Managing change successfully
  • Emotional Intelligence

Day 3

  • Giving feedback
  • Personal Skills
  • Action Planning


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