Successfully Managing People

Successfully Managing People
Starts from:Sun, April 22, 2018
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  • Course Code HR14
  • Duration 3 Days
  • Course Type Short Courses
  • Classes Days Weekdays
  • Campus UK
  • Price $2495
Class Description

This course aims to highlight the fundamental principles of becoming an effective leader, the practices of successful managers, how to manage people older than you, to manage remote teams, to recognize the skills it takes to manage people and to be the fastest way to be a good conversationalist.Being a manager can be an extremely rewarding and demanding job, and like anything else takes practice, an open mind and a willingness to watch, listen and learn.This course teaches how emotionally intelligent people can handle toxic people.

Managers and individuals with management responsibilities whose success depends on managing people successfully through clear communication, a cooperative attitude and commitment to shared goals
    •   Motivate and direct the employees without money
    •   Adjust the management’s personal style to the needs of different situations
    •   Use effective delegation skills
    •   Resolve the disagreement which may be personal, financial, political, or emotional through conflict resolution.
    •   Transform difficult people into team players
    •   Conflict Management
    •   Delegation styles
    •   How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
    •   Visison for Ethical Leadership
    •   Organizational behavior
    •   Managerial Experience
    •   Personality Types
    •   Listening skills
    •   The definition of Body Language
    KIATA’s programmes are interactive and practical giving participants a mixture of learning through discussion, exercises, role play and plenty time to practice learnings. Analysed and designed by our Design Team keeping in mind the present trends and competencies on Global Level.
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    •   KIATA welcomes the private sector, public sector, local government, non- governmental organizations
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