Networking Skills

Networking Skills
Starts from:Wed, November 9, 2016 1:30PM - 2:00PM
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111 Piccadilly,Manchester,United Kingdom

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Course Feature
  • Course Code CP4
  • Duration 2Days
  • Course Type Short Courses
  • Classes Days Weekdays
  • Campus UK
  • Price $1995
Class Description

They say ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’. Faced with an unlimited choice of suppliers and providers, buyers and decision makers are even more inclined to do business with someone they either know or who has been recommended to them.  In this interactive workshop you’ll discover how the experts network both online and offline and leave feeling confident you can network effectively.

  •   Managers
  •   Supervisors
  •   Team leaders
  •   How to create rapport, build trust and establish your credibility
  •   Making an impact—how to have power and influence with people
  •   Clear and assertive communication skills
  •   How to make an unforgettable, positive first impression
  •   Communicating with difficult people and in tough situations
  •   Business etiquette—professional polish that shows
  •   How you can increase the levels of collaboration and mutual support among team members, co-workers and managers
  •   How to express your ideas in ways that gain the attention, support and respect of others
  •   How to quickly “fit in” with any group of people
  •   How to make an unforgettable, positive first impression on anyone
  •   How to minimize conflict and reduce friction on the job and in personal life
All invites are carefully selected to offer a great experience with likeminded professionals
  •   KIATA’s programmes are interactive and practical giving participants a mixture of learning through discussion, exercises, role play and plenty time to practice learnings. Analysed and designed by our Design Team keeping in mind the present trends and competencies on Global Level.
  •   KIATA welcomes the private sector, public sector, local government, non- governmental organizations
  •   KIATA’s trainings offers you the flexibility to choose the course you need, at the time you need, in the location you need
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