Marketing Pricing and Costing

Marketing Pricing and Costing
Starts from:Mon, August 1, 2016 1:30PM - 2:00PM
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  • Course Code SM9
  • Duration 2 Days
  • Course Type Short Courses
  • Classes Days Weekdays
  • Campus UK
  • Price $1995
Class Description

The pricing of your company’s products and services plays significant roles in establishing the impression and branding of the goods and services, maintaining the company’s competitive edge and most importantly, determining the company’s profits.

In today’s dynamic business world it is essential for MarketingManagers and Senior MarketingManagers to understand costing and pricing of their products and services to launch competitive and profitable business opportunities. This course will teach the participants how to calculate product or service optimal costs and competitive pricing.

  •   Marketing & Sales Managers
  •   Business Development Managers
  •   Senior Managers involved in Marketing of products and services
  •   New Product Development Managers
  •   Different types of costing methodologies for products and services
  •   Product costing parameters that can be utilized for costing products and services
  •   How to set and analyze product and service margins. Product pricing techniques
  •   How to perform Cost and Benefit Analysis
  •   Costing parameters that can be used for costing of products and services
  •   Setting profit margins
  •   Service pricing formulation
  •   Economic methods
  •   Break-Even Analysis
  •   Determine the common pricing mistakes
  •   Insight on the alternatives in choosing a pricing strategy
  •   Working through real considerations ranging from the real capacity of your organization to the impact of your decision on the product and services costs and prices
  •   Obtain an insight into the differences between the "standard cost" often referred to in industry and the real costs of doing incremental business
  •   Stretch participants thinking horizons and yet teach them marketing, pricing, and costing techniques that they can apply to their business
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