5 Day Course on Strategic Marketing

5 Day  Course on Strategic Marketing
Starts from:Mon, August 1, 2016 1:30PM - 2:00PM
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111 Piccadilly,Manchester,United Kingdom

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Course Feature
  • Course Code SM23
  • Duration 5 Days
  • Course Type Short Courses
  • Classes Days Weekdays
  • Campus UK
  • Price $4995
Class Description

Strategic Marketing is fundamental to the success of every business.  The ability to understand and anticipate the wants and needs of your customers and then supply them with products and services at a profit is a crucial skill for every manager and leader.  It is not the sole responsibility of the Marketing department.

In this interactive 5 day course you will discover how to set a marketing strategy, understand what goes into making a product successful and be able to talk

  •   All professionals who would like to develop their strategic planning capabilities
  •   Anyone who would like to understand the principles behind creating successful products and services
  •   Marketers who want to influence at a more senior level and/or secure budget for their planned activities
  •   Those in a sales role who wish to move into a sales and marketing management position
  •   Non business professionals who need a wider understanding of marketing and strategic planning
  •   Strategic Marketing Planning
  •   Developing a Customer-Led Approach to Marketing
  •   Expanding the Marketing Mix (Part 1)
  •   About the Product
  •   About the Price
  •   Expanding the Marketing Mix (Part 2)
  •   About the Place
  •   More idea about the kind of People
  •   Information on the Process
  •   Physical Evidence
  •   Expanding the Marketing Mix (Part 3)
  •   Promotion
  •   Writing the Marketing Plan
  •   To provide concise, comprehensive coverage of marketing strategies and techniques which have been proven             to work in organizations large and small
  •   To grasp and practice the essential skills in different areas
  •   To give non marketing personnel exposure to best practice when developing strategies to launch and promote           products and services
  •   To ensure that attendees are abreast of the latest thinking in marketing
KIATA’s trainings offers you the flexibility to choose the course you need, at the time you need, in the location you need
  •   KIATA’s programmes are interactive and practical giving participants a mixture of learning through discussion,           exercises, role play and plenty time to practice learnings. Analysed and designed by our Design Team keeping       in mind the present trends and competencies on Global Level.
  •   All invites are carefully selected to offer a great experience with likeminded professionals
  •   KIATA welcomes the private sector, public sector, local government, non- governmental organizations
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