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5 Tips to Help You Focus on Important Moments in Your Life

What does it take to be successful? That’s the one question that bugs everyone, rich or poor, happy or sad. Contrary to popular belief, the secret to everlasting success is super simple. It is deluding no doubt, but easy to comprehend and implement. Have you been slogging too hard with little or nil results? Are you on the verge o..

10 Jobs with the Best Work-Life Balance

Be honest: how many of your “sick days” last year were actually just vacation? Taking time off from work is healthy. For Americans, finding the right work-life balance remains elusive. For example, one in three workers claim that having a work-life balance has become less attainable. Vacation days taken are on the decline, and l..

5 Ways to Stop Struggling and Start Thriving

I do believe manifesting takes hustle (aka work) and requires effort on our part to move our actions, words and thoughts in the direction of what we want. However, I’ve also learned that there comes a point where we need to chill out and relax. The struggle must be avoided at all costs, because it produces counterproductive energy..

How to Let Anger Go

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” I took realization of anger as a sign to act on healing my heart. I began the process by reflecting on how I respond when I experience anger, and I saw two distinct patterns. Most of the time if I am..

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